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Psychology Revision

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I've got Mock Exams soon which go towards our predicted grades for UNI -arrghh.

I'm REALLY struggling to revise for psychology. There is just so much and I don't know where to start.

I've got notes from class and that's it.

1. How do I start?

2. Where do I start?

3. How do I revise it?

4. Any past papers and mark schemes around?

Thanks, much appreciated.

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I have these 3 questions to answer, I'd appreciate some help :P

1. Look at the syllabus so you know all the possible questions you might be asked.

2. Then prepare answers for all of the possible questions according to the syllabus

3. After you've prepared answers for the questions begin memorizing it. This works differently for people depending on the kind of learner you are. Some benefit from rote memorization (repeating over and over) others through mindmaps or flashcards. You have to figure out what works for you.

4. You can use the specimen paper and the May 2011 paper if you want to do a mock exam for yourself. However all the questions you could be asked are in the syllabus (but some questions can use a different command term).

It is very important that you are incredibly clear when you answer psychology questions. I always thought it would be easier to answer with demos and visuals so you can show what the participants had to do, since you can't you must be crystal clear when you write about what happened (though briefly) and what the aim was etc.

Remember for 8 mark questions the goal is to show basic understanding of concepts and methods in psychology

For 22 mark questions you need to evaluate which (hopefully) you know is pointing out strengths and weaknesses of studies, research methods, relevant ethical considerations, gender issues that may affect the results etc.

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