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Spanish or psychology? Please HELP!

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I'm finishing up my first year of IB this term and have taken psychology SL for the last 8 months. Thing is: our teacher was really bad and didn't go through anything with us, he then had a breakdown and left our class before Easter this term. Now we have a really good substitute, but the chances of him staying are small and if the old teacher comes back I'm so screwed. If he doesn't then nobody knows what will happen. I have done the boring part in psych and the fun is yet to come, but is it worth the risk? My thought is to change to Spanish Ab Initio (for beginners), but then I will be one year behind the others. I read spanish for 4 years, then 2 years passed and here I am. Pretty sure I would be able to catch up during summer, and be on the same level as the others. It would be more fun to study a language than psych, better knowledge for the future since I'm not going to study psych later, and if all goes well with the recap during summer I can spend more time with math next year where I also have a problem.

What do you guys think? What level are the people taking spa ab initio on after the first year? What is the hardest part with the subject? How are you graded during exams and internal assessment? HELP ME!

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