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History Internal Assessment due in 9 days

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My History Internal assessment is due in 9 days and I have about 550 words. So far so good, EXCEPT NOT.

I feel like my topic is WAY to broad, those 550 words are my summary of evidence. THAT'S IT.

So I was wondering does anybody know how I could improve my topic?

My topic is: What were the differences of treatment in the United States and South Africa?

Crap right? lol

My teacher wrote : what do you mean with treatment here? Maybe better: How did human rights violation differ from America to South Africa? Or if you want to focus on how separation was implemented in the society and comparing South Africa and the United States. Or: The reason for segregation in South Africa compared to the United States.

I feel like comparing the two is extremely difficult as there is SO much to write, oh I forgot to say the summary of evidence is currently ONLY talking about the civil rights movement lol.

If anybody would like to proof read it for me as I continue this 9 day long journey of trying to pass my IA, I can give you my email. IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME.

So yeah... any ideas?

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