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Group4 Project, study of the football field

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Hi guys, first off I would like to thank whoever takes the time to read and help me out with my questions. My group and I came up with an idea today about our group 4 project (which we will do on the 12th and 13th of June), we want to analyse our school's football field and find a reason for why it is not able to grow properly :P. Since 6 years ago, when i first joined the school, the P.E. Department has not been able to keep a flat surface of clean grass and we wish to assist them in finding a solution. I was wondering how you could tackle this problem from different sciences and whether the problem sounds do'able and appropriate in the first place?

What i was thinking till now is the following:

Physics- Analyse the forces that children exert on the surface when they go outside and play during lunch/ Breaktime and also anaylse friction by

wind and rain? not sure?

Biology- Use the quadrant and pick a co-ordinate to take a random sample for insects that may be damaging the grass?

Chemistry- Take measurements of the PH of the grass and perhaps find out if the grass if suffering because the environment is too acidic

ESS- Not sure yet!

Thanks for anyones help, and by the way im in charge of the chemistry aspect ;) so please if any extra tips can be provided i would be very thankfull !

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