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Essay on the rise of hilter, stalin and mussolini

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If I were you I would take Stalin and Hitler (I don't know if that is possible for you because I haven't really studied Mussolini and cannot give you many ideas) and compare them on the basis of their ideologies. Then I would look at some similar policies they have implemented, although both shared totally different political views. Another possibility is to talk about how they arose to power and how they consolidated power.

If I come up with other things for comparison, I'll let you know. =) Otherwise, good luck on your essay!

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Just a broad-spectrum comparision? o.O And of all three? Well then.

  • Ideological (Fascism vs. Communism)
  • Domestic Policy (Depending on how in-depth you've studied them, you may choose to just focus on Economic, Social, or Political policies)
  • Foreign Policy
  • Methods employed by each in their rise to power
  • Social, economic and political factors of their respective nations that facilitated the rise of their extremist ideologies
  • The impact each had on their country's economy and/or society
  • Lasting legacies: lingering effects each had on their respective nations even after their death

So some of what Gestapo said, and some new ideas. I'm sure you can find many other dimensions for comparison, but it seems to me that those would be what you'd most likely feel comfortable writing on. I personally would favour the 2nd, 5th and 6th points, but that's just because I personally think methods of power consolidation is a little stale, and offers little points of contrast between the three (they're all very bad men in that sense) in comparison to other potential topics.

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