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Tips on how to improve German

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I'm a DP1 student from Brazil and my exams will be on November 2012. My school is focused on languages and we must take 3 languages in IB. I am taking Portuguese A1 SL, English A2 HL and German A2 SL. Portuguese and English are not a problem for me and my teachers say that I will get a 6 or a 7 (probably 7s). However, I have a problem with German. My teacher says that I can get a 5 or maybe a 6 if I work hard. I have been learning it for many years, however I still make a lot of mistakes while writing (grammar + vocab) and I also have some problems with speaking.

I would like to know if any of you have tips on how to improving German. Please also share your experiences.

Best regards,


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I don't know if you've done the following things, but my Spanish teachers have suggested these things (as well as many others) to improve language fluency:

- Listening to music in that language. You should find a German singer/band or two that you enjoy and use their songs to improve your listening. And if you want, you can sing! That would definitely help your speaking. Listening to the words teaches you how they are pronounced as well as how the words are used to make sentences. There is a thread here: that is a good start.

- Reading German materials. Do you have access to books/newspaper articles/etc. written in German? If not, you can try to get some and see how much of it you can read. Reading will build your vocabulary and expose you to grammar. For example I purchased a copy of Cuentos de Eva Luna (Stories of Eva Luna) completely in Spanish because I was originally going to do a Group 2 EE, but changed my mind. Now I'm just reading it for fun, and it's helping to build my vocabulary.

- Watching German shows (I don't know how feasible this one is though). Similar to listening to music.

- Force yourself to think in German

- Talk to a pet or inanimate object in German

- Find a German penpal to exchange e-mails/letters with

- Do past German A2 papers

Good luck!

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