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History Internal Assessment

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My plan of investigation

How many marks would you give it?

Out of 3

A: Plan of Investigation

For 3 marks

- The research question is clearly stated.

- The method and scope of the investigation are fully developed and closely focused on the research question.

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Well I not very good at the marks scheme...

But, you seem to have met all the points and they are clearly laid out. s

research Question stated: "This investigation evaluates the degree to which the Freedom Riders helped abolish segregation in the United States, specifically in the South"

Scope: "I will evaluate the pivotal moments that the Freedom Riders experienced and what effect they had on the entire movement. This will be connected to the analysis by evaluating one of the major turning points of segregation in the Deep South" (tell what that major turning point is)

My teacher always recommended that we put this line in our plan of investigation (Shows how we will use the sources listed, clearly)

"are evaluated for their origins, purposes, values, and limitations."

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Two things.

You might want to be a bit careful with how much context you give in your first paragraph as it is unnecessary and adds to the word count.


You may way to be a bit more clear with the method. I am using dot points to clearly show the structure of my essay (one dot point for one major focus/body paragraph of my essay.

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