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ab initio German Exam

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I will be starting IB in the fall and I'm signed up for ab inito German. I know IB exams are mostley essay based, and I'm wondering if this also applies to languages. Will I have to write an essay in German?


I myself will be opting for German ab initio SL for my IB Diploma. After reading the subject outline on the IBO website and after looking through some past papers, I have been able to confirm the kind of questions that most likely will be asked. There are 2 papers for your German External Assessment -

Paper 1 : Objective type questions based on your textbook

Paper 2 : Essays! and only essays. I think a total of 3 essays.

Thats it for your external assessment.

P.S - Do note that the past paper i looked into was a 2008 paper. I dont really know if the format of the questions changes much over the years o.O anyway. thought you should know :)

Glad to help. Oh btw, this my first Ibsurvival post!

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Hey, I'm myself writing the German ab initio exam in may 2012. In class I mostly do past papers and so I can tell you. PP1 contains about 5 texts that you gotta read and then answers questions on an other booklet about it, it's made of QCM and other types of questions, at the end of PP1 you have to write a mini essay about 80 words I think.

And on PP2, you have to write 3 essays. I think the 2 first must be written, and then you have the choice in between 3 subjects in the 3 one.

But in each essay, you're expected to put a certain amount on info. And be really careful on what tell you, cause you have to reuse that.

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