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How do you compare and contrast EMS vs Jupiter

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So I want to make a table looking at the differences between the two works but I do not know how to compare these categories at all? Does anybody have any tips on how to get kick started? These are my current headers:

Tone Colour




How would I go about comparing them? I have my works annotated but I have not got down any real notes which has suddenly become a serious problem when it comes to answering Section A. Some tips on how to go about it would be great.


P.S. I noticed the title fail, ESM*

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Basically, these two pieces seem quite different, but once you go through them each in detail you start to notice similarities. I'm not going to give you any specific answers, mainly because I haven't finished finding comparisons between the two works either.

How would you go about comparing them?

Well for each of the headings write out the features of each of the two set works separately, then look for similarities and differences between the two. You may need to do this in quite a bit of depth (studying the scores really helps), before you can find any similarities.

A good idea is to focus on how they are similar in respect to their context. Ie. are they similar in exemplifying the style of their times or do they challenge the standard music elements of its period?

Another focus can be on Copland's representation as a Neoclassical composer, and compare that to Mozart's classicism. They are similar in many ways in that Copland rejects the complexities/densities of the Romantic period, for eg. the clarity of sound (AND many other musical elements) of the classical period (which Mozart typified).

Apart from that, just go through both of the scores in depth, look and listen many times, and similarities just start popping up (well they did for me anyway).

Good luck.

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