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My chances of getting a 7 in French Ab initio

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So I have 24/30 for my interactive oral,

and I haven't done my individual oral but I think I'm going to suck at it.

For my pre-mock exam, I got 88% for P1 and 81% for P2

I know I can do better because I didn't really do any study for french this year...

Do you think there is a chance for me to get a 7 in french? My teacher said that a 7 in ab initio can go up to 86% overall

and I'm a bit scared....

My weakest point is probably the oral because I get really nervous

and I usually need time to think, not just blurt out...... T.T

So what do you think?

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Trying to find your chances for getting a 7 - although tempting - is not really going to help you in any way in actually getting that 7. There is no point in doing this, as anything can happen during the IB exams - the papers may turn out to include exactly what you know (or vice - versa).

Either ways, you have a decent chance. But to improve your chances - put in the effort! Practice doing your oral (once its assigned) with a friend/classmate and have him/her ask you questions. This will help you reduce your nervousness to some extent and simultaneously help you know what you will say better.

As you said, you haven't really studied french this year - so maybe it is time to start (even just a little). Read, try to learn new vocab and keep doing past exams. Know what types of responses IB expects and how you will be marked really well.

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