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EE with Harry potter and fantasy genre

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Hi everybody (-:

I've decided to do my EE in English B HL, and my supervisor said it was okay to do something on the fantasy genre exemplified by the Harry Potter series. Then I started to do more research and I found out that the IBO is not too happy on such a popular topic. However, I want to make the best of it. I hope you'd like to comment/come with some ideas on my stuff..

My research question is:

What are the characteristics of the fantasy genre and how are they represented in the Harry Potter series, with a special emphasis on the clash between good and evil.

Is that okay? Too broad? And instead of the good vs. evil, would it be better to dig into the parallel universe as HP is? Or is it more "sticking" to the topic doing the good/evil?

I'm really interested in it and I've (as many) read and reread all of the HP books... Last question is, if you think it'd be better to concentrate on one book, or more the whole series? I guess you have to make some examples and then it's easier with only one book, what do you think?

Thank you for considering it, IB for the win ;-) :hug:

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I did my EE on Harry Potter!

I got a "C", but it was the most enjoyable 4000 words I ever wrote. I didn't spend months on writing my essay or lots of editing.

There are two ways of going about this:

1. Do a comparative, take one HP book and another fantasy book and do an analysis between the two pertaining to a linking topic.

2. Use several HP books and focus on a topic within

I did option 2, I chose 3 Harry Potter books (1,3,5). Do not do all, that's too much to cram in a paper. My topic focused on the need for rebellion and the effect of bogus authority. My Mentor though my paper was excellent, obliviously IB thought it average.

Your topic seems a little broad at the moment, almost cliche. Try looking at it from a new perspective, find something new to talk about. Examiners want to see that you've not just reused a repeated topic, dig deeper.

When I first started my essay, people degraded Harry Potter as being anything, but good modern literature. I disagreed and persevered. Harry Potter was an enjoyable experience.

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