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Conditional offer from a university

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I'm an international student took the exams in May.

I've got a conditional acceptance from a uni that I really want to go and studied hard for the exams to maintain my predicted grades.

I think that my actual results will meet the requirement if the IB examiners aren't really strict and my memory is right.

Otherwise I'm not confident about the actual results because I made several stupid mistakes on the exams and I had been sick for several weeks.

Even though the IB results don't meet the requirement, does the uni still accept me?

I'm so worried that can't fall asleep at night :sadnod:

Hopefully my IB results will meet the requirement :(

My country is Japan and I'm planning to go to a Japanese university.

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This is, quite probably, very dependent on the country and the university that you want to go to. If it's one with less competition - and also if you were a strong applicant rather than a borderline one - it's quite possible that they'll take you if you miss your grades by a small amount (eg. required 37 and 666 from HL and you get 37 and 765 from HL). If your application is to the UK this year, it's unlikely due to the strong competition because of the tuition fee changes. So it is possible, depending on your university and your strength as an applicant (as well as how many other people miss their conditional offers) that they'll take you.

Try not to stress too much though; I know the feeling too well since I've got a conditional offer to an UK university. Still, missing an offer isn't the end of the world since there's always other unis, retakes, and next year, and a gap year might actually be a good experience :)

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