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Feeling awkward using "I" in a chem EE

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So I just got my draft back from my supervisor

and she urged me to use the first person narrative "I" in my essay.

I feel really awkward using "I" though because it seems unscientific.

She said that I must used it to show my "personal" journey, but I'm scared if I'll get marked down

on the language criteria. I have never used "I" in my science IAs as well

so I don't know whether I should follow my supervisor's words or not.

Also, is drafting meant to be a pain? It's a PAIN for me!!

I have so many things to add but I have no space for my word limit! arghh

One last question, I'm really unsure of what to include in the body of the essay and what to include in the appendix. Can raw data and calculations be included in the appendix? I need to save up my word count!

Thanks in advance.

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I'm not absolutely sure because I don't have my final results yet, but from my experience with my EE (in Physics):

-my supervisor discouraged me from using "I" and thus I used passive forms throughout my whole essay. I also think that using first person in such a work looks unscientific.

- you can include raw data in the appendix provided that you indicate that the data in the body of your essay is processed and that the raw data are in the appendix.

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