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Japanese Urbanization and Climate Change EE-Need help!

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Hi everyone,

I want to complete my EE in the next couple of weeks, and I've written the introduction to mine so far (my research topic is: How can urbanization be both a cause and a solution to climate change in Japan? -by the way, is this a reasonable research question? My advisor hasn't said anything about it...). In the introduction, I defined climate change, explained the progress of Japanese urbanization and its effect on average temperatures (with a graph), and talked briefly about the Kyoto protocol. I also quoted a couple of important peoples' interviews.

I want to know what kind of depth of research I need to conduct for this EE. I am seriously tempted to just use a few internet sources and just get it out of the way (as long as i get above 8 points on it, it counts for the diploma apparently), because to be honest I am tired of the incessant work. Do I need to go to a public library? It doesn't seem like my topic would have hoards and hoards of books about it.

I was going to use a lot of statistics and data in further paragraphs to show that the progress of urbanization is becoming a solution to global warming as well. Is that viable?

Please help me out, and if any of my questions here were kind of vague, please give me your thoughts about my research question or what you think I should write about. Thanks a lot!

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