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Anorexia Nervosa Psychology

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Hello. I have started my extended essay now in which the question will be.

Is the media and the cultural pressure exerted on adolescent girls in the western society the cause of the devastating increase of anorexia nervosa?

I have finished with the introduction but i have to fix the language a little bit and so on. But im so lost ! i do not know wether this is good enough so i was wondering wether you could tell me what you think.

I was thinking about having my essay looking like this more or less....


-Adolescents in the society

-western culture and the mass media

- cultural pressure

- x


I will put the introduction somewhere over here and if you got problem seeing it i will send it in some other ways


Edited by Summer Glau
Do not post your EE here unless it has been graded already by the IBO! Otherwise you could be accused of plagiarism. Thanks =)

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