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Ways to bypass Turnitin?

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My high school requires me to submit my work to Turnit** before I get a percentage on my work. The lamset part is that it deducts marks off according to the percentage of plagorism. :)

In my personal opinion, turnit** defined some part of my work(mostly definitions on specific terms) from wikipedia as plagorized. Why can't I copy straight from the dictionary if I'm doing the definitions? :)

And, turnit** collects every student's work, which is then stored in their database, how can we tolerate its invasion of privacy?

Therefore, I've got some tips to BYPASS this evil system. (works on 3/7/08) :D

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Welcome to post more ways to bypass Turnit**. :D

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1. If you quote from any sources and you reference properly, you should not be accused of plagiarism. Therefore, it doesn't matter if turnitin picks up your quotes from outside sources.

2. They store your essays to stop your essay being plagiarised in the future.

3. We do not tolerate cheating on this site and trying to bypass and so blatantly cheat the plagiarism detection device is bordering on cheating.

Therefore, thread closed.

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