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Individual Oral Activity: Role Play

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in language B, for the interactive oral activity, are we allowed to bring our script if we're doing a role play? it's very long (5.5 pages) so I doubt my friend and I can memorise the whole thing, so can we just bring the script with us during the presentation? it's not like we'll be reading it the whole time, but we just want to bring it in case if we forget what's next or something like that.

oh and is there a time limit for the oral activity?

thanks in advance!

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I'm not too sure if you're allowed to bring scripts in. I guess it depends on how nice your teacher is. My teacher let us bring in dot points only.

The interactive should be about 10-15 minutes long. What i did was put just the beginning of each sentence for each dot point, this helped me to remember what i was going to say. However, try not to use your scripts too much, otherwise it sounds overly prepared. The teacher may be more impressed if you can do it on the spot~ ;D it shows that you do know the language well~ :yes:

Good luck!

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