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TOK Presentation on mathematics


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  1. 1. Is mathematics invented or discovered?

    • Invented
    • Discovered
    • Both
  2. 2. Is this invented?

    • Imaginary numbers
    • The zero
    • a perfect circle
    • 1+1=0 in binary
    • Euler number "e" 2.71....

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Hello everyone

I am willing to do my pr esentation on mathematics n

I found this topic Is math invented or discovered?

My Presentation title is rephrased: What is the source and the n ature of mathematical truth?

The source and nature was it in the universe from the beginning and mathematicians discovered it. or they invented it to understand the nature of the earth like for example is there any perfect circles on earth or the universe and they based their theories about circles from it or they made a perfect circle just to understand the universe much better.

I am wondering how can I make it a TOK presentation what will be my KI and how can I present it. How is related to WOK's and AOK's other than mathematics

Thank you

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