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Economics Extended Essay Topic

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Hey IBSurvival,

I'm a grade 12 student in Ontario just starting his extended essay, and I have two topics that I can't choose between.

My first is as follows: What factors have allowed Microsoft to maintain a dominant monopoly in the operating system market over other alternatives?

Now this question is something I'm quite interested in, but I have no idea where I could get any primary data on this, and what kind I would need. Furthermore, my school recommends choosing a local topic, and it is hard to limit a question such as this to a local area.

My other topic is this: Under what market form/structure do Ontario's technology retailers operate?

This question is good because I can get good primary data on this and it is local to my area, but there are many similar extended essays out there, and I don't want to run the risk of being falsely accused of plagiarism...

So what do you guys recommend? Which topic is better? Is the second topic too popular and already answered? Is there a way I can combine the two?

I'd appreciate any feedback.

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you can get primary data by making surveys on the internet. And then post them on this website and other websites. And check with tutor2u they might offer some help if you asked for question 1.

I prefer more about Microsoft and you can find a lot of information about and people done research about it. Not students I mean, specialist and other economists that you may use them in your EE

Good luck with that... First check with your economics teacher. And they are right. It is preferable to do it in a local company, because its easier and data is accessible

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