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Why does all the excess BE go to the radiated particle?

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Guest KAPOWW!!

Well all textbooks probably state something like this 'A Nucleus loses energy by radiation'

I'm cool with that statement except the fact that all the excess BE or energy is lost only to the eg.alpha particle! and no mention of some being given to the new nucleus!

Look at this for example:

Mass Radium=226.0254u

Mass Radon=222.0176u

Mass Helium(Alpha)=4.002602u

Change in mass=0.005198u

Energy equivalent=4.84MeV

Note: Energy of alpha=5MeV

Resemblance of 4.84MeV to 5MeV-Uncanny

So this is going to say that the lost BE is all given to the alpha, WHY?

(or am I supposed to consider 5-4.84 for the energy given to the new nucleus)

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