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long term . short term . help for evaluation

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thats my article . i dont really know what to say about the long term and short implications for the article , anybody can help me please?

Hi, first of all, if you do not know, for evaluation, I have been told that you should focus on four things:

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Long term vs Short term
  • Affect on stakeholders

In the case with your article for long run vs short run, you can start by talking about this part: "The government is taking several steps to help the people, including transporting drinking water to them."

Short term benefit is that people will be able to get immediate access to water, and will be able to satisfy their short term needs, as they are currently in an unfavorable situation with all the water shortages and draughts.. However, in the long run, the government cannot always be transporting drinking water, as for example, it might be too expensive to continue transporting, or that even though people will have immediate access, it will soon run out eventually and thus, won't be able to satisfy people's needs continuously.

Just my 2 cents,I take economics HL and have troubles evaluating as well :S

Good luck!

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