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Compiling links for online learning

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Guest KAPOWW!!

Hey so here are mine for the moment:

Khan Academy Great if you need to visualize something, has animations and videos covering a lot!

Click4Biology IB specfic, Cover all IB stuff and some options

Cardiac cycle This link explain the pressure, volume and all that.

DNA Replication Here one that's good and has tests for you too!(within the animation)

I have another great one don't have it here though.

That's all I can remember now, but will edit if I remember

Et Voila! I have some more :

Wiley-Animations for some of the more odd ball topics, and some high-fi stuff.

OBJECTIVE: With your contribution lets create a more Bio specific link compilation.

Edited by KAPOWW!!
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Guest KAPOWW!!

[quote name=Cupcakes <3' timestamp='1315202511' post='130269]

You can submit them under "Links" (follow this link):


Some of which have already been submitted, actually. I think it's mostly for the sake of keeping IBS organized, too. All links should go under the "Links" tab, anyway :)

Sorry, I'm such an idiot, I wasn't aware of that!

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