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TI nSpire - Statistics

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I am looking for someone to instruct me on the ti-nSpire regarding statistics. It would be perfect if this person had skype. I am having really big trouble with this topic on my calculator and all the teachers at my school use the ti-84 so I am really alone with this issue :( I know this is a lot to ask, but if anyone could help me I would be enormously grateful.

Thank You :)


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hey, I use TI Nspire but unfortunately I deleted my skype. what do you need to ask? it's simple:

ok so you start a new document

choose #4 add lists and spreadsheet

input all your data

click #4 statistics

#1 stat calculations

#1 one variable statistics (for frequency type of data)

no of lists=1

then for x1 you put the variable you used in your x column

for frequency you put the variable you used in your frequency column

1st result column is where you want to put the results, which needs to be an empty column.

click ok

then you'll see all the results displayed there.

if you have any other question regarding this calculator just ask ;)

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