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World Literature 2, Outline

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I am doing my English World Lit 2 at the moment. I have chosen part 2c and Im going to analyze two key passages. I was wondering whether anybody knew what exactly should be in it. Such as should i start by introducing the book and what is in it (relevant to those two key passages) or should i just start by analyzing the passages? Should i also include the passage (as a whole) in the World Lit or just have parts of it?

I would really appreciate some help. Thank you

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I'm pretty sure it's analysis of "key passage" and not "key passages." But that is ancillary, I would still look that up to be sure if I were you.

Even if two key passage are allowed, I would make sure that both passages combined were in/under 40 lines because even though IB doesn't set a limit, 40 lines is the generally encouraged number of lines for any key passage(s) analysis.

Moving on, do not waste any of your precious words describing/summarising the book, it is not your job to educated the examiner, your examiner is expected to have read the texts in question. Furthermore, you are expected to devote a section of your WL2 explaining why your key passages are "key" to begin with in context to the whole novel. But I would start analysing the passage itself and include that bit interspersed with other details whilst analysing. Like "Line 14 presents an interesting idea of irony which is thematically relevant as Character A's wit is the backbone of this novel as a whole..." You get the idea.

You have to include the passage(s) with your essay but they do not count in your overall word count (obviously).



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Taking a page from some handouts....

The key passage is central to the understanding of the piece of reading, or work. Discuss why it's important, how it functions... etc. O.o Apparently, you can also compare two key passages (so yes, what you are doing is fine and legitimate), showing how they function importantly in the whole work and what roles they play. It is best to choose fairly short extracts for this exercise, as some of your attention will be focused on the style of writing in the passage.

Keep in mind, some of the things you might want to mention are:

-where and when the passage occurs, what leads up to it, follows it

-why did you chose it and a key moment

-what recurring features of the narrative are also in evidence here

-how does it connect to those other elements, does it bring them to a climax, does it repeat in different ways events that have occurred elsewhere or will occur subsequently

-are there certain themes or smaller lines of meaning (motifs) that are in evidence

-does the way writer present characters here reflect or contrast their presentation elsewhere, how?

-are there details that significantly add to the grasp of events, symbols, characters as a whole

-what is achieved that makes the chosen passage a key passage

-your own ideas, and what you deem important

So I would start by giving a small briefing to the two passages, explaining also why they are important, and then jump right into the literary stuff.

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