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Hey fellow IBers if i want to study something related with Nuclear Physics (related, not necessarily nuclear physician) what universities do you recommend me?


where do you plan on going? the US is a good place for university and if you are interested in sciences, technical schools might be a good pick for you. ever considered MIT?! haha, i dream of going to an awesome school like an Ivy league!

but it does depend on your SAT/ACT scores as well as your academics and extracurriculars!

most schools will have a major in physics and you could probably focus on nuclear physics, but you should check out their websites for a list of majors.

and it also depends on what kind of environment you are into. if you want a liberal arts college with laid back people, then most Ivy leagues are probably out with the exception of Brown (<3)

i advise you to make a list of schools you might be interested in and look more into them!

hope this helps :)

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I think this sums everything up if you consider to study in the US:

Best Nuclear Engineering Schools

I'm considering this career also and I can tell you for sure that you need Physics and at least Math SL. If you want to study in one of the previous universities but you are concerned about the minimun IB points you need to be admitted, just refer to US IB country information and look for your selected university in the "Universities and institutions that recognize the IB diploma" section.

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