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Is it necessary to include the year of publication in parenthetical references (History EE)?

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Throughout my essay I have referenced according to MLA 7 guidelines, hence my parenthetical references are in format (author page). However, my supervisor told me that I might lose a point if I don't include the year of publication as well.

This seems a bit odd to me; wouldn't adding the year make my referencing seem rather inconsistent as then I wouldn't seem be following any specific guidelines at all? And it wouldn't look very neat if I add more stuff into the parentheses, as some of the references would then include the author, title of work, page number and year (and therefore would be rather long).

So I just wanted to know how other people have referenced in their (History) EEs and whether any points were deducted due to someone not having the year in the parenthetical references. Or if you think that I might lose points for adding them.

(And btw, is it true that IBO wants people to include the addresses of web pages in the list of works cited although MLA 7 advices to only do it if it's necessary for finding the page?)

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