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Facebook & Twitter Connect Default Settings

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I've seen A LOT of people complaining about this, but I'm not sure if they've addressed their complaints to the admins.

right so if I remember correctly the default settings for both Facebook Connect and Twitter Connect enable us to import our status updates from those media to here. (right? I can't remember and I've customised my settings for both so I couldn't check.) and other users do get annoyed so often because sometimes they're posted in other languages or because they're irrelevant or whatever, and more importantly, they update TOO often.

would it be possible if the default settings are changed to disable status import? so to prevent too many weird status updates in the future.

would it also be possible to change every existing user's settings to disable their status import? if not would anyone be willing to change it for specific users who update really, really often?

I know they can still change it later on, but I think people who update a lot of things from FB&Twitter are the ones who rarely, or don't come back here, so they're not likely to bother to change their settings or maybe they have no idea how.

it would be great if this issue is tackled asap. people have been complaining like crazy.

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Guest Achmed-The Dead Terrorist

Totally support this cause! I've actually posted many times as my status (which I have now realised that was useless) about this situation to call for attention...

Maybe, what could be done is to filter the status updates (?) I mean, those who don't come to IBS that often (for example, for more than 2 weeks), would not get the opportunity to update more their statuses here unless they'd login to IBS... I think that would be fair

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