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Biology extedned essat

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I recently formulated my EE topic, which is ; the effect of environmental factors- or ecological factors(still haven't decided yet)on bacterial compeition of the skin flora. So basically I'm going to test how factors the skin enviroment is exposed to effect how bacteria compete for resources and space. these factors would include, Temperature, perspiration(could i place the experimental groups in water vapor to simulate perspiration because sweat is 99% water or would that not work?) and I was thinking about doing pressure and co2 and o2 regulation but i wouldn't know how to go about creating a sterilized apparatus that would function as such(would anyone know of a method in which i would regulat the pressure , c02 and 02 levels on petri dish or flasks? is there some equipment?) If that' not possible I was thinking of simply using temperature(which i can control via the incubator) and Light intensity. (any other options?)

My main question is Which bacteria that are located on the skin are acceptable by IB? because I've been researching for 5 hours and I found the bacterium Staphylococcus is perdonimantly located on the skin but I don't want to use different species of the same genus because i don't think that will show bacterial competition(or will it?) Would anyone know of any bacteria located on the skin that i would grow in LB broth(the liquid version) because i was going to mix both bacteria into the borth and allow to grow and use the "serial tranfer" method to test the effects over time but that brings another problem... How will i distinguish between the two bacteria(if someone who is really brilliant in biology have any ideas your input would be appreciated :)) ohh, and i only need two bacteria to test because inorder to compete for something there has to be two parties wanting it and three would be too complex for me :P

Any ideas to improve the experiment would be nice :), thanks in advance.

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