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Physics extended essay related to electronics?

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Hello all!

I'm around the time at my school where I should start writing my extended essay very soon. I was thinking of doing it about something with electricity, but when my physics teacher found out how much electronic stuff I do on my own time, he really believes that I should do something related to electronics. I'm not looking for specific topic suggestions in electronics. What I'm really asking is for a general idea of some of the types of things you could investigate with electronics, because I don't see any good types of things to do with electronics really. What do you guys think?

Actually one thing that just popped into my head just as I was writing this was looking at the efficiency of some kind of electronic part with temperature or something. Maybe even looking at the effects of exceeding or approaching the maximum power rating of a resistor and how the effects the resistance. But I suppose a lot of that type of stuff would be on the data sheet (like temperature deviation as a function of the ambient temperature in thermistors). Also, you could argue that some of that stuff is more in the domain of engineering.

Could that be a general type of extended essay topic? Does anyone have any other ideas of general things to investigate? Thanks for your time!

EDIT: I apologize. I just realized that this was probably the incorrect place to post this. Don't reply, I'll repost it in the extended essay forum. Sorry!

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