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Best Moments in IB

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Hi IBers :)

As an IB student....I've noticed we tend to say a lot of negative things about IB for whatever reasons.

And of course there are things we regret

So just for a change I want to know what youve really enjoyed in IB,that you probably couldn't have experienced without it

Or something crucial you've learned in your time doing the IBDP!

I'll start

I volunteered as an assistant at a continent-wide sport event and I met people from all over Africa.

That never would have happened if I didn't have to do CAS!

I had a conversation in my own country (where no-one speaks spanish) with a Cuban man in spanish..That

was special because it was something I know not many people could have done.

I volunteer at a paediatric clinic as a tutor.I really loved it

Learning more about myself and becoming more aware of my strengths!

What about you?

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Not much really. What is there...

Last year we put together a really sketchy performance in appreciation for the IB2 kids... that was fun, and it made us bond.

I think I would be a bit more fond of the peers I'm studying with, than ones that are in the academic stream instead, so I'm glad for that.

I'm glad IB has made me a more reflective person, and has made me appreciate education a bit more.

Other than that, I don't really think there is anything I enjoy particularly about it...

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IB boosted my interest in global affairs such as politics and conflicts. My IB history course made me realize that we are marking history, we are going to be tomorrow´s history. TOK and the EE made me a reflective person who is keen to analyse and interpret information. Best of all IB made me good at the moment of studying, I don´t study by heart anymore. IB made me say something whenever I don´t know what to say, it taught me that there´s always something to debate about.

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I think about what kind of person I would be if I didn't join IB.....and I am very glad I did it :) IB has made me a more driven person who appreciates the simple things more. I care more about my education and enjoy volunteer work. I have become a better leader and desire a higher role in things I take part of. I find that I seek to understand things that I am part of instead of just following along and getting through it. I have had my moments where I question why I am doing this, and when most of my friends dropped down to partial IB I was asking myself why I am doing this....but every time I think about it now, I'm glad I'm doing it :)

Talk to me in a few months when I'm more sleep deprived and we'll see what I have to say about it though ;)

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