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The Ice is Melting

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Hi all,

I am in HL Physics and we have been given a design lab called The Ice is Melting.

Basically, we were given an abstract saying that the ice caps in Arctic melted really fast. The the main point was that the people living there observed that the bottom 50% of the ice melted faster than the top 50% of the ice.

So what i had done was to crush the ice, and place different masses of crushed ice into a funnel, where this water dropped. Per min i will time the change in volume in the cylinder. Using that, i will calculate what is 1 cm^3 of ice= x ml of water. And see the mid-point of the total water collected in the measuring cylinder considering that the volume should correspond to the mass of the ice.

The problem right now is that i am not able to come up with good controlled variables. Other than the fact that all the instruments that should be used must be the same.

Help Please:)

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