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Math EE on Euler constant

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Hello! This is my first post on IBS

I'm doing a math EE on the Euler constant.

It is going to be a math history paper...

But I'm really unsure on how to organize this.

I think it's mostly going to be a copy+paste of theorems/proofs from my research sources.. since I'm mostly going to trace what mathematicians have done so far.

Then, how will I show understanding of the material????

I'm planning to write about some modern-day applications... but the main focus is the history of "e"

I really want to know how I can show my level of understanding when the most I can do is repeat what I've read in the book..

Think about it,, what else is there to write about? It's mathematical history...

Please help me out!

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it's not a Maths EE in the first place. it's a History EE.

unless you can show various ways to "prove" or apply this theory in some problems.

for the understanding, you need to reflect the mathematics acquired in the classroom and any additional info you get from some research. but since your essay is 95% research, I don't think it would qualify as a Maths EE.

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Desy is correct. It is more like a history EE rather than mathematics

If you are interested in Euler constant. I prefer you do it under this topic

The application of Euler constant in .......

I leave you with it, maybe in the distribution of prime numbers or you do a particular field in engineering and applied mathematics...

Under this topic you may find a suitable Maths EE

Also instead of saying Euler's Constant, use this "exponential function".

I read something that might interest you and I quote:

"The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function" Albert Bartlett 1998

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