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Extended essay in economics, URGENT

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So basically im obliged to do an extended essay in economics , because all other supervisors of the other subjects are already taken, reason for this is because initially i choose to do my EE in bio , but then the supervisor dropped me saying she wont supervise me, by that time all other teachers were already full . and now im left with economics as one eco teacher is ready to supervise me.

so now i need to find an extended essay QUESTION for tomorrow! im aiming for high grades ( A or B) so i need a good question!

but im stuck on finding my question? what would be the easiest and most viable topics that i shud do my extended essay on?

shud i do something like -> why has the supply of XYZ fallen in the market of X country?

what has been the effect of subsidies on XYZ ?

please help me find a question !

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those are too narrow. the subsidy might be a good topic if only you can broaden it and if there is something you can talk about it e.g. the government decides to stop subsidising or to increase subsidy etc then you can talk about it.

otherwise I suggest looking into price discrimination or market structure. stay in microecon, it's usually the easiest.

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