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paper 1 and paper 2 list of content

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Hi there! I've had the same problem a few times now, which would be that I am mixing up the contents of the papers. For example, which paper contains an introduction? Which paper contains a personal comment? I would really appreciate if someone could do a short list that would tell me which paper contains what:) I almost failed my practice exams cause of the mix up:(

Thank you for you attention! hopefully I will get some nice answers which will result in a nice diploma!:)

Regards, William Arkrot

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Paper 1


- "This extract is taken from the (genre) (Title) by (Author)."

- for a poem, state how many verses and lines it has

- briefly describe what the extract is all about (2-4 sentences will do)

- state the theme or focus of the extract

- list how the author addressed the focus of the extract (through what devices?)


- comment on the extract line by line

- try to explain the implications of such language use

- you can mention the protagonist(s)

- you can mention if the extract (prose) is written in 1st person or 3rd person

- you can talk about how the story (prose) starts (like introducing the background first or straight introducing the problem)

- in the case of a poem, you can talk about the tones and rhymes (if any)

- try to relate the focus with the title of the text where necessary


- conclude what has previously been discussed

Paper 2


- present your thesis statement, clearly stating whether you agree or disagree with the statement in the chosen topic. e.g. "Authors always present main themes through protagonists." or "Stage directions is indeed important in the characterisation of the protagonists." or "Authors do not present main themes through protagonists only, but also through..."

- elaborate your thesis statement in 3-5 sentences, mentioning the texts you are using and the authors

- briefly list what you are going to talk about in your essay


- do not explain what the two texts are about because the examiners are assumed to have read the texts

- one point per paragraph

- remember to compare the two books

- try to make your essay flow


- restate your thesis in different words

- try to relate it to the evidences you've given in the body of the essay

- do not mention something you didn't discuss before

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Paper 1 is a written commentary on an unseen passage, you analyse the text in front of you and that's it.

Paper 2 is an essay comparing two or more works that you have studied in detail in class over a considerable period of time. You have to refer to your texts extensively in whatever way necessary to fir the essay.

You need introductions with thesis statements stating your positions on the various topics for either essay.

A Personal Response is to be incorporated to some extent in both papers, however it is more prominently required in paper 1 than 2.

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