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How can an IB student apply for Peking University

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Halo everyone,

I am a student studying IB in Hong Kong. I was planning to apply for Peking University in China and this is my last year learning IB.

I have done some research on http://www.oir.pku.edu.cn/en/ The website doesn't mention about International Baccalaureate. So I am quite wondering....whether Peking University accepts IB score or not. And if they do accept, how and when shall I apply? After the mock exam in 2012.1 or after the final exam in 2012.5 ?

P.S. I want to apply for the Department of Chinese Language and Literature.

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As you are applying for chinese lang. and lit., I would assume that you speak Chinese at a native level hence I'll explain it in chinese.

IB在中国是不被承认的所以如果你想要申请中国的大学你需要参加另外的考试。对于中国籍的学生来说,高考是上北大的唯一途径。 对于中国香港,中国澳门及中华民国籍的学生,可以参加港澳台及华侨高考,录取分数线相对普通高考能低上200分。


IB在中国是完全不被承认的---北大的留学生招生简章是 http://www.oir.pku.edu.cn/newoir/stuab/doc/2011/cn/2011.pdf



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of course it's difficult. It's the top university in China of course it's difficult -but I was talking about the relative difficulty: if you were able to get more than 40 in IB and you were to sit the 港澳台华侨生高考, I'm sure you stand a high chance to get in PKU - it's approachable with effort for all those non-mainland Chinese nationals. 我是土生土长的北京人IB考了41分考上的英国的imperial college,如果我参加高考的话,我是百分之一千的考不上北大的

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