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English A1 Extended Essay on Fate and Free Will HELP PLEASE T__T

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I was originally doing my extended essay on the presentation of star-crossed lovers in Like Water for Chocolate and Romeo and Juliet but today a teacher of mine looked over my draft and told me that the two works I was studying were too cliched and my topic was unsophisticated. He told me to focus my essay on fate versus free will instead (a philosophical idea explored by authors through star-crossed lovers) and literary archetypes (star-crossed lovers), and to perhaps change my works to Hamlet or Macbeth. But wouldn't ANY work by Shakespeare be cliched since he is so popular in literary analyses? My main problem right now is finding a work of literature that is good enough to produce a sophisticated essay but is not cliched. please help!

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Any book that you pick up and is relatively old with literary merit is clichéd. Like Water for Chocolate is one of the most clichéd books ever, it's one of the school's favourites for World Literature books. Also, the idea of Fate versus Free Will is another overdone topic, your teacher has hardly broadened your horizons by steering you away form one old idea to another old idea.

My suggestion, worry about the topic later, much much later. First, find a book you really like and try to base your topic around that book instead of doing it the other way around. Go pick up a book that really interests you and find something in it worth writing about.



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