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Psychology EE - Sources?

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Hi there,

I originally posted this somewhere else... I wanted to ask for help because I finished the final draft of my EE. My topic is attachment, and my research question is how early attachment influences our future socio-emotional development.

I analysed the topic from different pespectives (biology, intersubjetctivity, etc..).. I discussed many models (Schore, Gunnar, Crittenden, Tronick, etc....), including the classic ones (Bowlby and Ainsworth). I also found models that complemented the original Attatchment Theory. I also tried to evaluate them and point out ther weaknesses, and suggested a few things that need to be done. I also used a lot of empiric evidence to make my arguments stronger.

However, I am worried about two things... the first one being the bibliography. I have four books, some online books, an online jounral or magazine and a document that belongs to a local university. (One of the top universities in my country). Do I need anything else, or is that ok?

Second, I have heard that what the Ib examiners are looking for in psychology is “Something new”. What exactly do they mean by this ? I have heard of people who had been predicted A s and Bs and got Ds in return, so I am ... a bit scared.

I hope someone can give me advice on what to do, I really want to submit a good essay.

Thank you :):P:hug:

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