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Help me refine my EE topic?

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Guys, guys, i want to know whether you think this title is effective or not, im mainly doing a History EE on Circassia.

So is "Circassian Exodus: What was the extent of the brutality of the ethnic cleansing of Circassia during the Russo-Circassian War?" good enough? Can't all ethnic cleansing's be considered brutal?

I was also thinking about another EE topic of What effect did the Tsarist genocide have on the Circassians? Is it too narrow?

Help would be appreciated! LOVE YOU IBS

EDIT: OR what were the motives of the circassian movement into turkey and the middle east?

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I don't have much knowledge for this subject but in my opinion, you should start your research question with something like 'to what extent' rather than 'what'.

This opens your ee to a more evaluative rather than descriptive essay. Using 'what' lends your essay to be just answering the research question and doesnt necessarily show independence in your thinking or your evaluative skills.

So i think out of three, you're first research question is better.

Good Luck!

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