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Group 4 Projet - Arts and Physics

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Hey everyone!

Last Wednesday, we decided of our Group 4 project theme and Arts was the selected one. I'm on the physics team, with 4 other guys... Well, we came up with some ideas, like creating our own photographic flash with a capacitor to measure light exposure over the flash period. We also thought of measuring the frequency of musical instruments, such as the guitar.

What do you guys think? Do you have any ideas in mind for a physics experiment in Arts?

Thanks a lot :)

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Using musical instruments may be quite good (: I understand that this isnt totally relevent, but for ours we investigated whether our visual sense (sight) can affect our gustatory sense (taste). We just made a load of black ice cream for the day and etc... It was really fun and were the favourite because of its interactability. I suppose the best advice I would give is to choose something which people can join in on; whether that is painting or playing a guitar. It seems you have a good idea of what to do if you were to choose either topic, so simply choose the one you think is better for those experiencing it (:

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