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Mary Shelley vs. Goethe.... feedback/ ideas?

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So, I'm doing my extended essay much like a World Lit paper, it's a Language 1 paper comparing and contrasting Wolfgang Johann von Goethe's play Faust and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. They are both from the Romantic Era and involve scientists that are trying to know everything that there is to know, but it goes horribly wrong and neither one is successful in what they were trying to do. That is the main point that my EE is going to focus around: both authors critiquing the search for complete knowledge and that both works hold true to the romantic idea that not everything can be known and that it is okay not to know everything.

It will give a brief summary of what happens, and then give specific quotes to support my thesis about the romantic idea that is within both works.

Do you guys think it sounds good? Any revisions or thoughts that I should think about? I've never ready Frankenstein, but I'm going to in the next couple days as well as find a good film of Faust or read Faust myself.



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sounds interesting. we're reading Faust by Goethe right now in school. German A1 HL. We also visited his house in the town of Weimar a few days ago. If you are writing an essay about two works, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ THEM! Don't write about works that you have never read. You have to be sure about the content to produce a great piece of work. But if you can get hold of an English copy of Faust then it should be okay, also leave yourself time. Its a hard book and it will take time to get through. also summaries and books to help you in your reading may be off use to you. Be careful with films, they often leave out important info and won't present the complete picture, they may be changed to suit the target audience or to make the stories more interesting/ dramatic. Only watch the film once you have read the works, that's my advice. If you need help on the content in Faust, just ask me.


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