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Help with topic for Internal Assessment?

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So my teacher told me I should investigate the accurate portrayal of Stalin in Animal Farm but reading other posts, it seems it is not advisable? I handed in a draft which I think is okay, getting the results back on Sunday. However, I really want at least a 6 or 7 and want to know if I can with that topic or if it is not history based enough? Please give me advice!!

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Personally, I don't think it's "history"-based enough. It actually sounds really literary. I would suggest you look into another topic, something about your own country's history that really fascinated you for example?

When I was doing my IA in History HL, I was at a really International Boarding School in Switzerland (I mean, I was the only Indian in class, one British guy, one Korean girl, one Nigerian girl, one diplomat's daughter whose lived in South Africa, a German, an American, you get the picture...) Our teacher loved the eclectic mix we represented and he would make it mandatory that we find some kind of IA topic from our home countries. I was really cheesed off because we weren't covering any Indian history in our syllabus (our Option for Paper 3 was American history), and I really didn't want to do the extra work.

But it turned out to be one of the most useful tasks he gave us. I did my IA on Gandhi and whether or not his policy of Ahimsa (non violence) was followed and applied in two critical movements that he initiated during the Indian Independence movement: Non-Cooperation and Civil Disobedience. I briefly studied these movements during my ICSEs in India and they always fascinated me, but I never had the time to study them in-depth. When I got the opportunity to do it for my IA, it was crazy. I went to the British Council library in Bombay during the holidays and spent three days researching and xeroxing pages and I learnt so much about my country!! (and read waaaay too many conspiracy theories).

Try doing that.


PS: I had a 19/20 raw points on my IA in its final version and majority of my classmates (who followed the teacher's advice and did their IA's on their home countries) had raw scores between 17-20.

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