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about interrupting my IB studies ?

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I am still 16 years old. I'm on the first year of IB and I will go 17 on November 30. I'm planning an exchange to Finland next year ( August 2012). Could it be possible for me to kind of give IB a halt, spend my international year, and then get back to finish my last year of IB by 2013 ?

I don't know if I can do that. I'm going to do the exchange with Rotary, and my local exchanges chair said the limit age for departure is 18 years. If I go to Finland when I'm 17, I'll be 18 when I get back. I'd get back in July 2013, and then in November 2013 I would go 19. Is it possible to continue being IB after my arrival? Providing that I would try to continue my IB from ages 18.5(July2013) to 19.6 (May 2014). I mean, if that happened I'd finish IB when I was 19.5 ! That's crazy. I'd be up to do it if that was the only option though.

I would have to give up an IB year to take the exchange. With national programmes of course that is possible, but I don't know how IB works in depth. I'd pass IB top age which is 19 years.

I cannot assure the school I will be placed in will have IB, I cannot presume that. In case it did, I'd be saved.

I really want to do that exchange, and I don't know how to put in order my timetables. Could you suggest me another strategy ?

IB age range: 16-19

Rotary age range: 15-18

Birthday: November 30

I'm 16 currently.


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Well, then, I guess you've pretty much answered your own question.

If you think that the Exchange student program will help you, then why not go? But then, while I was reading your post something came up: why not just go to the exchange activity, and still have IB? Doesn't the exchange school have IB as well? If that's the case, then you'll be saved.

If it doesn't, maybe you could go talk to your IB Diploma coordinator. He/She may be able to whip up a plan for you, if that's the case, like just sending the EEs or something via the internet, and just self-studying, if you really wanna save time?

If I were in your place, I'd ask help from my IB Coordinator. I'm sure they'll be of great help. :D

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