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I have chosen EE in Norwegian A1 HL, and i am comparing two books. Therefore the question arises when i am looking at criteria C: Investigation. (http://www.fc.aes.ac.in/~jreberio/FOV1-00019957/EE%20Handbook%202010-11.pdf at page 26)

to achieve 4 points: What sources can i use? And what is meant by investigation planning?

Neither do i understand criteria J(page 30, same link).

Would be great if someone could give me a hand :) First draft due in 3 days, and i just finished reading my last book!



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For your EE you won't have a tremendous number of sources, but you should have a few. Two of your sources will be your books. You can also use any type of relevant literary criticism or argument that helps you in your EE. Investigation planning just means you researched your topic thoroughly before starting and you used the best sources you could find.

Criteria J is your abstract. The abstract is required. Your abstract is essentially an overview of what your EE contains. This is actually like, THE easiest 2 points. You just need to make sure that your abstract is 300 words or less and contains your research question, how you researched your question (what you did), and your conclusion(s). Don't worry about doing this until you're done writing your actual EE, because since it's a summary you won't know what to summarize until you're done.


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