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Background info: I wantto pursue Medicine..

I gave the UKCAT test today and messed up big time. I got:

520- VR


530- AR


Total: 2300 Avg: 575..

I did sooooo much better in the practice test.. Really depressed..

Please tell me which universities I can apply to (with a reasonable good chanceof getting in)

Also, should I give BMAT? Is BMAT tough or simple?..

I am really passionate about medicine.. Please gv me advise on good unis that Ican apply to...


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BMAT is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much harder, trust me, the unis that do the BMAT are Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and Imperial, for the UKCATs, I advice that yuo apply for Sheffield, Southhampton, Keele, Nottingham and BSMS as they don't focus on UKCATs results as much as the rest to the unis such as Manchester and Edinburgh, Good Luck xo

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Hi... The UKCAT is a very crude test, so don't get depressed by your results. Generally, the UKCAT cut-off scores are very high because medicine is just so competitive. The cut-off for most universities was 630-650 when I applied...

You've always got the option of applying for a BSc then go on to do graduate entry medicine... or take a gap year and reapply!

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