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Two Quick Questions

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Hey. I have two questions.

Firstly, I want to do Law at University. Is HL Philisophy or HL Chemistry best for this? I need at least a 6 for my preferred Uni.

Second and finally, how do you cope with the IB while ill? I have an atrocious immune system, and I need some way of making sure I keep up when things go wrong, aside from making a pact with Satan.

Grosses bises,



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hey :)

For the first question i'm not so sure.

2nd question: Sorry about that :( But you could as your friends to come over and teach you whatever you missed out or just let your teachers know and when you get well, you go discuss anything that you missed out with your teachers. Almost like after school classes. The IB books as well are really helpful so when you get sick you can read those. It's basically the same thing the teacher say except they may explain it in more detail. You could also search for youtube videos on the particular topics that you missed out on. Well, i see we both take Biology HL and if you need any help there, i can help. If you don't understand because you missed out, i'll be glad to assist :) Hope i helped :)

Oh yes and i also missed school for like 3 weeks and i managed to do okay and also the teachers understood my situation and were okay with it. Maths was the hardest to cope up in and i suck in it :P

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For the second one: well, last spring (IB1) I was sick I think at least 5 times or something and it was pretty bad so I had to miss some weeks of school but I just asked my friends what they had done in class and went through the stuff on my own when I got better and it was fine. And I made sure to know if we had IAs or something otherwise essential that we were doing in class and on those lessons dragged myself to school no matter what.

And for me, eating a lot of vitamins and fruit as well as washing my hands pretty much all the time helps to keep my shabby immune system functioning :P

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