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Homework Help protein channels)

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so i have to make an analogy of protein channels of a a cell.

based on like house stuff, like sewage, doors windows like that..

but i honestly still don't get it. in the membrane structure chapter, theres only somethign about phospholipids and cholesterol.

please help thanks

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Protein Channels are ones implanted in the plasma membrane. As you already know the membrane has 2 poles, hydrophobic and hydrophilic. The hydrophobic being the lipid part (the middle of the membrane).

There are 3 ways of substance transport through the membrane:

  1. Simple diffusion: basically going through directly with no problems.
  2. Facilitated diffusion: using protein transports
  3. Active transport: using protein pumps.


Hydrophilic (water-loving) molecules can't go through by simple diffusion because the inside of the membrane is hydrophobic. Think about it this way, the inside of the membrane hates water, so it wont allow any water-loving substance to go through it so it'll just keep pushing them out. The channel proteins make channels across the membrane of which the inside is hydrophilic. The channel has no problem letting the hydrophilic particles in because well...it loves water too, and the inside of the membrane doesn't have a problem with it because the hydrophilic substances aren't getting anywhere near it. That is facilitated diffusion.

I tried to explain this as simply as I can, I hope it made sense.

As for the analogy, you can use your imagination now that you understand the concept. Off the top of my head, a person can't go through the wall because well...they just can't break through..they need a door. That's a very poor example but you get the point.

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