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engineer or physics?

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well I'm a little stressed because I'm not sure what carrer I am going to study.

I was thinking on study physics because it's a subject that I really enjoy A LOT but in my country this is not a good paid carrer and the most probaly is that you end up working like a teacher.

I also was thinking on study engineer, I also enjoy it but not like physics, my parents are trying to convince me to study engineer because it very well pay and it's a more stable carrer.

what would you do?

tell me what are you going to study and what are your expectatives

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Engineering involves both a lot of maths AND a lot of physics. My boyfriend is currently studying engineering and he's always complaining about it :P.

Engineering is a very stable career, yes. And it does combine your preferred physics, with a suitable career goal. Studying just physics seems like a bit of a waste. Sure you may like it, but what would you get out of it? You'd most likely, as you yourself said, end up being a teacher. I'd go with engineering if I were you. When do you graduate? If you're only just beginning IB, don't stress too much :)

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Engineering involves both a lot of maths AND a lot of physics.

not completely true...! Engineering involves a lot of physics and some maths. or at least that's my impression towards the course.

I faced the same dilemma actually. I wanted to study Pure Maths but would probably end up being a teacher that way. so I chose to study Engineering back then. but once I looked at the course content... OMG! all of those are physics modules!!! no maths modules! :( :( I am a lot better at maths than physics (meaning I'm really really bad at physics) so I changed my mind.

now I don't want to study engineering anymore. I'm still conflicted though: Mathematics VS Computer Science (in which Maths is applied). so, we're in the same boat. well, maybe not really, because I've decided to study CS ^_^

I honestly suggest you to study Engineering! it's not that bad--depending on which type of engineering you are into! I was into Mechanical Engineering and the course contents (that I read on a uni's website, forgot which uni though) are all physics related (or, maybe a few were maths related but I didn't notice).

if I were you I'd go with Engineering! are you into robotics? it's cool... studying a pure science, you're likely to be a teacher or a lecturer. or spend your whole life researching... which is sad in my opinion.

go for Engineering.

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