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Got a D in history

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I'm the type who tends to do really well on things, but fail at one thing epically at least once a week. It's a trade-off, you see. Usually my failures are controlled, and through extensive devotion they can be alleviated with enough As on grading assignments, apologies, etc.

But here in IB, grades are so rare that a single failure in my pseudoperfectionist ploy means my grade is permanently ruined! I have a stinking D in History! The only kid to get a 5 in the school on the AP Euro exam last year has a D is history!!!!!!!!!!!! AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'll never be able to fix it by the end of the term when the grade gets etched on my transcript for all college admissions officers to see. I'll beg them to forgive me, to see it as a momentary failure brought on by stress and transition to a new school/schedule, but who would fall for that..?

Console me with sympathetic misery? Or, you know, criticize me ruthlessly and offer self-righteous attempts at advice...

Either is good. I'm just sulking...

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But you got a 5 on your AP Euro exam so that's a pretty good achievement in itself. You still have time to fix it if the term is not over. You have to get up and work really hard to improve your grade. Everyone will get a low mark once in a while or not meet their standards, even the brightest people. What makes the difference is what you decide to do about it. You can put this behind you and work hard to improve your grade, or stay miserable forever and keep your D where it is. You have to make the difference. Read over your notes each day, put more effort into studying, calm yourself down before walking into the room when you have a test. Find what works for you.

Keep calm and carry on! :gluck:

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