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E-learning / e-tutoring for IB?

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Hey guys,

does anyone of you have experience with e-learning platforms for the IB? If yes, would you recommend it for only revising material or also for learning new things from scratch?

I found two webpages that seem quite interesting, namely

www.video-tutor.org and


Whereas the latter seems to be for maths only, video-tutor offers more subjects. BUT: Before I sign up for something (even if it's free), I just wanted to ask, if anyone of you knows one of the two webpages and can recommend it? If one of you is using the platform(s) already: How is the quality of the material provided by those webpages? The examples of video-tutor look really good, but do you know, if the other videos are of equal quality?

In general, do you think that online learning is a good way to improve the understanding of what was taught in the classroom?

Thanks for any responses :)


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Have a peak in the Links section of IBS. You'll easily find handy links to help you understand some concepts in all different subjects. I can't really say about the websites you've posted, as I haven't used them yet, but I'm sure they can't be terrible :).

Websites often have interactive apps or features which can often help you understand certain topics. It's a great way to reinforce what is said in the classroom and I support it when used in the right way and quantity :)

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Thanks to the two of you. Meanwhile, I have tried khanacademy and Video Tutor, because both of them are free of charge. The videos of both portals are of a good quality, but personally, I prefer (and thus, recommend) Video Tutor, because the content is tailored towards the IB.

I still have to figure out, how to use e-learning in the way that best supplements my learning in class, but to me, it seems as a good way to improve my learning (at least so far).

So, if anyone is interested in e-learning, I would currently recommend www.Video-Tutor.org Maybe we should add this to the Links section of ibsurvival... As far as I know, khanacademy is already in there.

Thanks again, guys.

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