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Biology E.E on Physiology or 'replce X with Y'

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Okay, so, sorry if this is too vague for you guys (I read the guidelines on what I should and shouldn't ask you guys, and I think i'm on the skirts of it?) but I've got my E.E supervisor breathing down my neck for a title on my E.E.

So far, I've come up with something in this kind of style:

"Is agar a viable substitute for agarose in Lambda DNA gel electrophoresis and if yes, what is the optimum gel concentration for it to produce comparable results with agarose as an electrophoresis medium."

Because our school isn't exactly.... State of the art science wise, and I do actually really want to find out if there is something that can be subbed for something else and still work (not necessarily for gel electrophoresis) and how well. However, I'm not sure where I could start with what substances to swap out for what reaction/procedure/etc? Can you guys offer any advice?

ALTHOUGH she said the topic idea was interesting, she did say to start looking into physiology as a backup, though, i'm not sure what I could make of that? Like, I'm fine to do the searching work and all, but i'm not sure what areas to start looking into? I'm not even 100% on what I should be chucking into google :/

So, can anyone give me any advice?

Much appreciated, and I hope i'm not asking too much :/

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